Check Out These Healthy Team Snack Ideas

It’s almost game time, and it’s your turn to bring snacks. Instead of relying on pre-packaged junk food like cupcakes, cookies and sugary soft drinks to feed the team, go fresh with fruits, veggies and cold water that will hydrate active kids. Here are some creative ideas for easy, healthy snacks that will nourish kids and give them the energy to compete. Plus, fruits and vegetables are generally safe for kids with food allergies.


  • Orange slices – a classic! Sweet, juicy and hydrating, orange slices are a favorite for a reason.
  • Apples – Quick, inexpensive and full of nutrients, apples are high in vitamin C.
  • Fruit Skewers – Thread wooden skewers through chunks of fresh fruit and berries for a colorful snack that kids will have a ball eating.
  • Watermelon slices – Check out this tutorial for the easiest way to cut a watermelon for a group. If you’re feeling creative, try freezing the watermelon slices (spread in a single layer on a baking sheet) for a chilly treat.
  • Baby carrots – Anti-oxidant heavy and a great source of fiber and potassium, baby carrots are a healthy team snack.
  • Paper cups of berries – Wash and dry the season’s freshest berries and portion them in paper cups for easy eating.
  • Baggies of snap peas – Snap peas are a sweet, crunchy vegetable that kids love and are delicious raw. Wash and portion them in baggies or paper cups.


Hi-Five understands that keeping kids active is more than just making sure they’re playing sports – it’s fueling their bodies with nutrient-rich foods that will keep them moving all day long. For more information on Hi-Five’s programs, click here.

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